Top 7 Fiverr Freelancing Services

Top 7 Fiverr Freelancing Services

Fiverr has been called the world’s largest freelance services marketplace, with millions of tasks being posted and completed each year. It was founded in 2009 by Shal Wininger and Micha Kaufman, both former Yahoo employees, and originally designed to be a place where freelancers could offer their services at $5 per job or task. In the seven years since its inception, Fiverr has grown exponentially – the company now serves more than 25 million registered users from nearly 200 countries, and more than 1 million new jobs are posted on the site every month!

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Graphic Design

Designers can create logos, icons, and other graphics for your business. If you’re just getting started, give them a call—you may be able to get some free advice about how to best represent your brand. And if you just need someone to help you with one project (e.g., logo creation), then commissioning a freelancer is an affordable option. Finally, if you have a larger budget and want to use a freelance designer on an ongoing basis, check out online marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork. You might find talent there that would work on spec until they build up enough of a portfolio of work for you to hire them full-time. For example, I hired someone off Elance to design my author website; I knew nothing about design at all—so having her ask me what I thought of various layouts was extremely helpful. She also helped me tweak things as we went along so she could learn exactly what I wanted in terms of aesthetics before moving on to building out my site. Eventually, she became a part-time employee who manages everything from SEO to social media marketing.

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Digital Marketing

Any budding business is going to need a strong digital marketing strategy. According to search engine optimization (SEO) experts, content marketing is particularly important. Digital marketers create and publish unique web content that rank well in Google searches; they also update your website regularly with fresh material. This can include blogs, videos, infographics, etc., but not PPC or banner ads. Most SEO specialists agree on three fundamentals: quality over quantity, human-centric over SEO focused, and originality over duplicates of popular pages. Check out these articles for more information: 19 SEO Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know and 8 Ways a Small Business Can Utilize Online Marketing Tools to Generate New Customers. Marketing Consultant – If you want to get into marketing consulting, focus on excelling at one aspect of it instead of trying to do everything. This means doing extensive research into becoming an expert. In addition, you should spend time networking and learning as much as possible about what types of clients are out there looking for services like yours. You may also consider taking classes about how businesses market themselves, so you know what challenges new companies face when starting up their own companies.

Writing and Translation

A number of business owners and bloggers hire a writer or translator on Fiverr to craft emails, white papers, press releases, and brochures. After you’ve created a winning proposal for your client, he or she will be eager to continue working with you. Getting great reviews from clients on Fiverr can help you win future business. You can also use your account to earn testimonials and work samples that will help attract new business. Best of all, if you get a lot of gigs on Fiverr, it becomes an additional revenue stream. As well as giving you much-needed side income. Another great way to market yourself is by getting in touch with other freelancers and offer them your services free of charge – they might provide recommendations in return which would increase your profile on Fiverr significantly. Another good idea is offering free tips via email to people who bought one-off gigs from you. This shows potential customers how helpful you are at what you do and might persuade them to buy more gigs from you. Once someone buys a gig from you, leave feedback about how happy they were with their service – their reputation will reflect onto yours making it easier for others to trust in your skills too! Good luck! As well as marketing through Fiverr, try social media sites such as Twitter & Facebook & LinkedIn to promote your services too.


If you have something to say and want it said well, you can get a professional audio track done on Fiverr. Whether you’re looking for a sound effects track or need some voice-over work done, there are plenty of freelance artists waiting to deliver. At prices starting at just $5, it’s hard to beat. A few popular gig types include voicing over PowerPoint presentations, narrating video files or creating eBooks that take your audience step by step through processes. Check out these voice over gigs on Fiverr: Top Voice Over Gigs – Great For Beginning Voices On Fiverr (And Anywhere Else, Too!) • Female Soft American English & British UK English Narrator • Amazing Ebook reading • Make Your Demo Reel With Pro Sound Effects Tracks • Ghostwriter & Ghostwriting • Powerful Non-Profit Fundraising Radio PSA Recording • Audio recording of audiobook for transcription • Awesome Natural Australian Accent • Booking Testimonials/Testimonies From Your Customers via iPhone/iPad • Want A Short Film Made? Fast! And Cheap! Get It Here.

Customer Service

As an online business owner, one of your top priorities is keeping your customers happy. And no matter how great your product or service is, without people to buy it, you don’t have a business. Most businesses utilize some sort of customer service program—whether it’s e-mail, phone or live chat support—but outsourcing that work may be an option for you if you have limited resources. That could mean reaching out to Fiverr freelancers who specialize in these services. For just $5 per gig and up, these freelancers can help you with everything from e-mail marketing campaigns and sales copy writing to appointment setting and social media management. Take a look at what they offer by clicking on their Gigs tab. You might even find someone who can do offline work such as mailings, flyers or posters. Another option: If you handle all your own customer service needs but are looking for an assistant to take calls while you manage other aspects of your business, try posting on Reddit’s r/forhire board instead. People there are typically open to taking odd jobs like doing market research over Google Hangouts or calling B2B leads (always call before sending e-mails) while getting paid anywhere from $15-$50 per hour. Check here before hiring anyone through sites like Craigslist, though; not only are Craigslist requests often scams designed to solicit money, hiring someone through places like Fiverr takes only minutes and allows you to easily remove them if something goes wrong.


Offering programming services is one of the most popular ways to make money on Fiverr. If you have coding skills, then selling your services as a programmer is an excellent way to make good money on Fiverr. If you can prove that you can program, write software code or develop apps, then customers will quickly find you and buy from you. A word of warning: making such promises without backing them up with proven results means that it’s best not to sell yourself as a programmer for now. Wait until you have some testimonials before claiming that I can build websites/applications and so on. You wouldn’t believe how many sellers try to get away with offering such services, only to be caught out when they say they would finish a project within 24 hours (or similar) while also promising unlimited revisions! This is simply impossible to do; building even a simple website takes time, particularly if there are other tasks involved in delivering what clients want.

A Note About SEO – Since SEO (search engine optimization) plays an important role in getting more traffic to our sites, it’s important that we understand what SEO is all about – something which our business partners might know better than us since their expertise lies in just that.

Mobile Apps Development

Software, such as WhatsApp or Snapchat, can be expensive to create, but freelancers on Fiverr can create mobile apps that do just about anything. Plus, it’s a skill any amateur programmer can learn. You don’t need an idea in mind—just let your developer run with it. But know they are only limited by their imagination (and your budget). If you want to work directly with someone who has created more than 100 mobile apps, check out Tobias Birkett. He provides five-star service and satisfaction ratings at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere; and he isn’t scared of tackling tough projects—including UX/UI design. Your app will be done quickly and within your price range—but make sure you understand exactly what is included in every step before you start working with your provider. Most of these developers use Agile methodology, which is essentially broken into two-week sprints. Before starting each project, figure out how much money you can spend over a 14-day period; then give your team seven days for planning and development. Afterward, you get three days for testing. Then test it yourself: Make sure everything works right before paying up. Take into account any feedback or requests from users regarding changes to your app; they may not like something without even knowing why!

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