Top 7 best free website builders for small business [2022]

Top 7 best free website builders for small business [2022]

Website builders are a dime a dozen, and as we moving into 2022, small businesses need to have a strong presence online. The critical foundation for having a solid online presence starts with choosing the best website builder for your small business.

Hey team, welcome back, and thanks for joining me today if it’s your first time visiting this Blog. Now in this comparative Blog, I’m excited to share with you the top seven best free website builders for small businesses.

Today we will focus on three important areas to choosing the best free website builder for your business. These include the ease of use for beginners the overall professionalism and attractiveness and the range of customizations and integrations of each website builder.

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ahead and dive into our top seven best free website builders for small business.

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  1. Site123
  2. Wix
  3. Google Sites
  4. Google My Business website
  5. WordPress
  6. Weebly
  7. Ucraft
  8. Conclusion

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Okay, so descending into the first free website builder, we have a site123. Now, this is an excellent option for building an essential small business website for complete beginners. The reason being is site123 allows you to navigate through three simple steps to quickly launch a beautiful, user-friendly 

responsive website in minutes, also the content manager is extremely easy to use for updating and adding your own information and content to your website.

Unfortunately, if you require any additional integrations and features you will need to upgrade to a paid plan as these are all restricted to site123’s paid plans.

Now, if you would like to get started with site123, I will create a beginners tutorial for you to follow. Just let me know in the comment below.



Next, we have Wix, which is one of the most popular free website builders on the market today. Wix allows you to build a website by simply answering a few questions with the ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) technology which is ideal for beginners and then customizing your website with their

visual drag and drop builder. 

Now, although this is relatively easy to use website builder can be quite a

nightmare due to all the overwhelming features customization options and integrations available.

This can give complete beginners a headache and will take time to get used to the overall navigation of Wix, however,  As I said, Wix provides extensive integrations and customizations for free, making it a great free website builder.

Wix websites look stunning and are responsive however, unfortunately, the free plan has a lot of Wix branding that can make your website look unprofessional now I will link a beginner’s tutorial

above if you would like to get started with Wix.  

Google sites

Google sites

Third on our list is google sites, an excellent free website builder powered by google. This website builder integrates well with Google applications and is easy to use with their structured block. The builder drag layouts and elements to build your website pages. This is a practical and functional website builder for beginners. Google sites are beautifully responsive and have limited google branding making google sites a professional-looking website. Google sites is an excellent option for basic local small business websites. Again I will link a tutorial up above if you would like to get started with google sites.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Next on our list, is Google my business. Now, this is only relevant for local companies that operate in a local geographical location like restaurants, plumbers, builders, dentists etc. etc

first, you must register your business for google my business and enter all your business information. 

Then when your listing is verified, you can quickly publish your google my business website in seconds. What Google does is take all your business information and put together your website without you having to lift a finger. 

However, there are many limitations and disadvantages of using google my business as a website builder, unfortunately, this website builder does not look very professional you’re also limited to one page. You have no integrations with apps and you have minimal options for customizations.



Now on to the fifth website builder and this is called WordPress now this website builder is more of a

cms content management system, however, allows you to create a custom free website or Blog.

This would not be a top of the list recommendation for beginners as it does require some experience with the overall navigation and customization components of the website building functions; however, you do have a lot of freedom for customizations in terms of your website’s overall design.

Now the issues with WordPress and its free plan include the prominent WordPress branding on your life

website similar to Wix, it’s pretty obvious and also the restrictions to plugins or integrations

with the free program unless you upgrade to a paid. A goal like with the website builder site123 you are limited unless you upgrade. However, this is an excellent option if you want to build a blog and start creating content, or you’re just looking to develop an important small business and information based website.



The six best free website builders I want to discuss today is called Weebly. Now, Weebly is a similar website builder to Wix. However, more simplistic and less complicated to navigate, making it a more appropriate website builder for complete beginners.

Again identical to Wix, you have access to free apps and free themes to add extensively features to your website and to play around with the overall layout and composition of your website.

Now, although Weebly websites look smooth and responsive, they again have Weebly branding that will impact the professionalism of your website, and you can see that.

It is pretty evident with the free plan now, just a side note with all these website builders, the majority of them the free program will have their branding, which does take away from the professionalism of your brand.

However, there’s a few that we’ve talked about that do not have this branding and this is a huge advantage for these website builders.

Now, if you want to follow a complete Weebly tutorial for beginners feel free to Comment down.


Ucraft |

The seventh-best free website builder we want to highlight today is called craft. This is an increasingly famous free website builder for small businesses. Each theme or website template is smooth and modern looking in terms of design.

the website builder is relatively easy to use, with essential elements that you can drag and drop and click to edit however, this website builder has many limitations in terms of the overall design blocks, customizations and integrations, and although the website itself looks modern and responsive once you’ve built it.

Like Wix, you have a prominent craft branding that is fixed to the screen when you are scrolling, Which again impacts the professionalism of your website. However, this is an excellent option for beginners that want to build an essential information-based website and for those that are not a fan of any of the previous website builders that we’ve discussed today in this comparative Blog.


Okay, now, just quickly before we finish up, it’s also important to note that each of these website builders that we’ve talked about today has paid plans, which means if you see that your free website builder has limitations, don’t jump to another website builder if you’ve put all your content and created

your ideal website look into the paid plans and see if those paid plans can satisfy your requirements and then upgrade a lot of these paid plans aren’t too expensive, and they’re affordable, especially for small businesses, and there we have it.

 guys that are it for this comparative website builder overview for small the company take the time to test a few of these website builders that have stood out to you during this Blog the best free website builder for you are going to come down to your personal preferences and business requirements.

Now, if you have any questions about this Blog make sure to pop them down below, and with that said, thank you so much for reading this tutorial through to the end.

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