Preparing for an Oral Surgeon Consultation: A Step-by-Step Guide


Preparing for an Oral Surgeon Consultation: A Step-by-Step Guide
Preparing for an Oral Surgeon Consultation: A Step-by-Step Guide



Preparing for an oral surgeon
consultation can be a daunting task if you don’t have prior experience in
dental surgery. Whether you require a wisdom tooth extraction , dental implants
or to eliminate a gummy smile, choosing the best oral surgeon can be most
critical. It should be the most vital decision you need to make.


There are currently so many oral surgeons
in our country. But how do you narrow down your options of choosing the right
oral surgeon for yourself ? In this article let us consider a few important
factors while choosing the right oral surgeon whom you can trust……..


Step 1


Gather your medical information – We should gather proper medical information about
yourself prior to oral surgeon consultation.This may include any allergies ,
current medications and records of any past surgeries. A medical file along
with medical insurance information should be carried while going for an oral
surgeon consultation.


Step 2


Opinion of your general dentist – Most of us consult a general dentist yearly and he or she
may be the one whom we trust . Hence we can consult them before an oral surgeon
consultation.They may give us a good referral. Over and above their opinion
matters to us.

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Step 3


Research about the oral surgeon –  Before undergoing
an oral surgery , we should research a great deal about the oral surgeon whom
we are consulting. This may include checking the qualifications and experiences
of a surgeon. We can check out if they have additional training in oral and
maxillofacial surgery. This is because an oral surgeon with great experience
and additional training may include the latest medical techniques while doing
the surgery. After all, we never want an outdated surgical method to be applied
in our surgery.


Step 4


Online reviews and ratings – Checking online reviews and ratings about a professional
oral surgeon is highly recommended before going for a consultation.Learn from
other patients who were once in your shoes. We should go through both positive
and negative reviews and ratings to get a clear picture of the oral surgeon’s


Step 5


Make a list of questions – We should clear out our potential doubts before going for
an oral surgery. It is very crucial to understand the surgery procedures, risks
involved in the surgery and the recovery process. So we can make a list of
questions to ask the surgeon so that we get a clear and transparent picture of
the whole process.


Step 6


Convenience – Before consulting a surgeon it’s also very important for
us to find out whether the surgeon’s clinic is located at a convenient location
from our residence or office so that we may reach out during emergencies. We
must ensure that proper parking facilities are provided by the respective
clinic. We should also check the working hours of the surgeon and whether it
suits our time or whether a possible help can be provided by him during sudden


Step 7


Cost involved – We should enquire about the proper cost involved in the
surgery and should ensure that there are no hidden costs.We should also have
the idea of the payment methods accepted by the oral surgeon or whether his
clinic accepts our medical insurance.


Step 8


Comfort – We should make sure that the oral surgeon is kind ,
empathetic and communicates well with us before going for a surgery. We should
also check whether they are able to meet all our queries related to surgery and
whether they have time to speak to us properly. The comfort level with the oral
surgeon will determine the success of the procedure and the overall experience
of the patient.


Step 9


Proper discussion – Before going for a surgery the oral surgeon will go for a
physical examination. We should be honest and properly discuss a few factors
such as allergies , current medications , and past surgeries with the surgeon.
This will help him to make the right decision so that the surgery is
successful. Discussion about the post operative procedures, risks involved and
recovery process is also very vital.


Step 10


Follow up and schedule your procedure – If we decide to move ahead with a particular surgeon we
should follow up properly with him and schedule the surgery date without delay.


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