Gentle Dental Care for Kids: Paediatric Dentistry at The Dentique Kolkata


Dental care
plays a pivotal role when it comes to the health and well-being of children.It
is absolutely essential to maintain good oral hygiene for healthy gums and
teeth.Paediatric Dentistry aims to provide gentle dental care to the youngest
patients. Caring for children’s teeth requires compassion and a gentle


Do you care about your
child’s dental health?


Then you
must visit us at The Dentique…………The
most popular dental clinic for paediatric dentistry
in Kolkata.


Gentle Dental Care for Kids: Paediatric Dentistry at The Dentique Kolkata

 The Dentique takes great pride in
providing compassionate dental care to your little ones making them smile
brighter !


Our highly
trained and experienced paediatric dental team provides optimal dental health
to your child making them smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Importance of Paediatric Dentistry


Each child
develops a unique dental need which is very different if compared with
adults.Oral health care should be rendered to children from the age of 1 when
they start developing their first milk teeth.This is the best time for children
to visit the dentist as their teeth and gums are still developing and their
oral hygiene habits are in early stages. Paediatric dentists play an important
role in teaching proper oral care to your little one while checking on their
dental growth and development.


Let us recap a few don’ts of
caring  for your child’s teeth


Do you know that tooth decay is the
most common chronic disease of childhood?


Check out
how you can prevent tooth decay of your kid by following these simple steps……….


1.    Don’t skip the fluoride

2.    Don’t skip twice a day brushing

3.    Supervise the brushing

4.    Avoid giving sticky sweets to kids

5.    Don’t let kids carry around sippers
or bottles of juice or milk

6.    Visit your paediatric dentist



Paediatric Dental Care At The


The Dentique – the most
trusted clinic in Kolkata for Paediatric Dentistry
offers a solid foundation for your
child’s oral health and hygiene. It provides primary and comprehensive
preventive oral care for infants and children till they reach their
adolescence.Our experienced and highly qualified dentists care for your child’s
gums, teeth and mouth throughout their childhood years.

We have
created a stress free friendly atmosphere where kids will have a pleasant experience
when they visit us.Our team works hard to provide a positive experience for you
and your child.


Why will you visit us for Paediatric


Often a
question may come to your mind why to visit The Dentique for your child’s oral
health ….. Here lies the answer to it


     A Child-Friendly Environment – Our expert dental team are well trained to employ various
strategies to create a friendly anxiety free environment when they visit us.
They use age-specific language and explain the procedures to a child in an easy
manner which makes the kid comfortable and free of fear.We use toys and
cartoons for our young patients when they visit us for treatment. A trust is
developed between the dentist and the young patient..


     Preventive Care & Education – At The Dentique adequate importance is
given on educating the children and their parents on preventive oral care
during the early childhood years from infancy till their reach their teenage.
This is absolutely vital for reducing their oral issues which may incur in
future.Educating a child may include teaching of proper brushing techniques ,
importance of eating a balanced meal and potential consequences of poor oral


     Restorative Dental Care – Whenever required The Dentique is ready to serve the
little patients with restorative dental care such as crowns, bridges, carious
cavities to mal aligned teeth.We also treat any kind of oral lesions.


     Emergency Care – We are here for our youngest patients any time the need occurs.If your
child is in pain call us and we will determine the extent of pain and guide you
to the appropriate next step. This step may include an emergency visit to our


     Best Infrastructure – Team Dentique has a panel of MDS and BDS who are
among the best dentists in Kolkata..Our dental team have a collective
experience of 100 years led by Dr Bejoy Banerjee – one of the most renowned
dentist in India .We have 4 large dental chambers, free parking area for
patients, state of the art dental equipment , 100%  covid safe environment. We create a fun and
friendly child centric environment with toys and cartoons for our youngest
patients making us Kolkata’s leading
Paediatric Dental Clinic.


To conclude , Paediatric dentistry plays a crucial
role in promoting good oral health and ensuring a positive dental experience
for children. Paediatric dentists help lay the foundation for a lifetime of
healthy smiles. Parents should make regular dental visits for their children
and collaborate with paediatric dentists to foster optimal oral health and
overall well-being for their little ones.



Don’t be
late in addressing your kids dental issues…………


Book an Appointment
with The Dentique at the earliest !!


We care for the Growing
Smiles !!


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