Welcome To BlogBuzzs Guide For How To Better SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. In This Blog, We Are Going To Know All The Things That Are Necessary For A Better SEO [SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION]. 
Such As Indexing, Crawling, Ranking, Backlinks, User Experience, Meta Data, And Schema Markup Language. 

After Reading The Whole Blog You Will Be A Guru(Master) In SEO. And You Are Going To Say That “Wooo I Know SEO Better Than Any One Near Me(BlogBuzzs)”. Is It Worthy to Read This Blog ??. 
And We Say Yes It Is Worthy To Read This Blog Because It Will Help You To Understand The SEO More Clearly, SEO Is a Very Big Concept And It Is Not Realy Easy To Learn It Entirely In Just 10-15 Minutes It Will Take Some Time.

 By This Blog, You Will Learn The Foundation Or Soul Of SEO Because These Are As Important As The SEO. 
The Main Features Of The Blog Is That Is Does Not Cost You A Single Doller Because It Is Entirely Free. 
Now You Might be Thinking That Yes It Is Free But What About The Ads ??. Yes, We Show Ads But We Do Not Earn Much.
And Now Forget All The Ad Staff Just Take Advantage Of This Blog In You Work It Will Help Use :). 
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What You Are Going To Learn (Content List):-

  • What Is SEO
  • What Is Crawling
  • What Is Indexing
  • What Is Raking 
  • What Is Backlink
  • What Is User Experience
  • What Is MetaData
  • What Is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • What Is Schema Markup Language

What Is SEO

Introduction To SEO

SEO Is A Short Name For SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It Is A Process In Which Search Engines Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, And Other Search Engines Optimise Content Such As Videos, Images, Text Full Websites, Local Listings, And Other Things And Provides A High And Free Or Organic/Natural Web Trafic To That Content. 

SEO Provides Better Results For Your Particular Topic/Work. Nowadays SEO Is Widely Use For Spreading The Products Of Any Big Farm And Mostly For A Better Earning Purpose. The Biggest Advantage of SEO Is That It Provides You A Strong Income according To You Ranking On Search Engines (SEO Can Lead You To A Vast Income).  

So That’s Why Nowadays SEO Is Very Important For Everyone (Maybe For You Also). A Better SEO Can Give You A Top Ranking But A Bad SEO Can Give You The Bottom/Last Ranking. So It’s Up to You, How You Manage SEO For Your Particular Work (Better SEO, Better Ranking/Bad SEO, Bad Ranking). For SEO-Experts SEO Is Not Too Hard But For SEO-Beginners It Is Hard (Tell Us In The Comment Box Are You A SEO-Expert Or A SEO-Beginner).

Where To And How To Learn New Techniques Or Strategies For SEO

Well, It Is Very-Very Important To Learn New Techniques Or Strategies For SEO. Because If You Know The New Strategies Then It Will Be Very Easy For You To compete With Other Big SEO Giants. In the Other Hand, If You Don’t Know The Current Strategies That Are Being Used By SEO-Experts Than You May Have To Suffer From Low Organic Traffic Or Low Ranking From Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, And Others). Mean While It Means That You Should Know The Strategies Or Techniques For Your Better Ranking.

NOTE! :- The SEO Strategies Or Techniques Are Always Changing So Don’t Think That Your Learned Strategy Will Always With You, No, All Strategies Are Changing, So Always Try To Learn New-New Strategies.

Now Let’s Know Where You Can Learn The Strategies

  1. One Of The Better Place Is GOOGLE.COM. Yes, our Google, Just Type ” New SEO Techniques” It Will Show You The Best Results.
  2. We Can Also Search For New SEO Techniques On Online Course Providers Such As Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, And More.

  3. If You littleBits Of Coding Then Use CTRL + U Command And It Will Help You To See Others New SEO Techniques.

  4. You Can Also Get New SEO Techniques From Google Developer Website. And Google Developer Also Shares Some Ways To Improve You Search Traffic.


These Are The Few Methods But You Can Found Many On The Internet.

What Is Crawling, Indexing, And Ranking?


Crawling Is A Process In Which Search Engin Sends Their Bots To A Particular Website. To Fallow The Links That Are Present On The Website. Crawlers (Bots That Crawl A Particular) Takes All The Links, And Information From That Website And Stores It In Search Engin Servers. 

Some Popular Crawlers Are Google Bots, Bing Bots, Yandex Bots, And More. We Can Modify A Crawler, Like What Page Should It Crawl, What Link It Should It Fallow And More Types Of Modification We Can Make For The Crawler By Just Using Robot.txt Commands. 

Robot.txt Commands Help In The Modification Of A Crawler. We Are Not Going To Discuss The Robot.txt Now But We Should In Some Other Blogs (For The Simplicity And For A Better Understanding We Are Not Discussing Robot.txt).

Some Popular Meta Tags For Crawling Are :
<meta content=’noindexname=’googlebot‘/> (Not Indexing Only For Google)
<meta content=’noindexname=’googlebot-news‘/> (Not Indexing Only For Google News)
<meta content=’indexname=’googlebot‘/> (Indexing Only For Google )

You Can Also Search For Many Crawling Meta Tags On the Internet.

After Crawling Indexing Is The Other Stage. Indexing Is The Process Of Adding Web Pages To Search Engines. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, And Other Search Engines All Accept Indexing After Crawling. 

Indexing Is The Earlier Stage Of Ranking Of Any Web Page, Before Getting Higher Ranks All Web Pages Are Indexed By All Search Engines. So It Is Very Import For Your Web Page To First Be Indexed For Ranking. 

We Can Also Control the Indexing Of Our Web Pages, We Can Tell Google Or Any Other Search Engin Which Pages To Index Or Which Not. Using Meta Tags. 

Meta Tags Are Very Useful For Those Who Wants To Hide Their Contents From Any Search Engines. And Also For Those Who Wants A Better Rank In Google Or Any Other Search Engine.

Some Popular Meta Tags For Indexing Are:
<meta content=’indexname=’robots‘/> (Only For Indexing)
<meta content=’index, followname=’robots‘/>(For Indexing And Following Links)
<meta content=’noindexname=’robots‘/> (For Not Indexing)
<meta content=’index,nofollowname=’robots‘/> (For Indexing But Not Following Links)

You Can Also Search For Many Indexing Meta Tags On The Internet.

After Crawling And Indexing There Is Another Stage Called Ranking. In Simple Words, Ranking Is The Position Of Any Website/Web Page On Search Engines Result Page. 
Everyone Wants A Better Ranking On Search Engine Result Page (Maybe You Also), But Sadly Only a Few Website/Web Page Get 1st On Search Engine Result Page (Mainly Ranking Matters!). 

For Getting Better Rank On Google Or Any Other Search Engines, A Website Must Be Crawled And Indexed Properly. 
Because Without It Google Or Any Other Search Engine Are Not Going To Rank That Website/Web Page On Their Result Page (Indexing And Crawling Are Required). 

Ranking Is The Finale Stage Of SEO. After It There Is No Other Stage. Just Some External Things Like Building, Advertising, And Other Stuff.
The Easiest Way For Better Ranking Is Better Content, Means If You Have A Great Content Then You Can Get A Better Rank On Google Or Any Other Search Engines Result Page Easily.

A Website Tells About Only What Is SEO, They Are Not Telling About Other Important Factors Of SEO. But In the Other Hand, A Website Tells About What Is SEO And Also Its Important Factors, Than Google Or Any Other Search Engine Will Rank 1st To That Website Which Is Giving Complete Information.
So If You Have A Complete Information Website And Otherside Someone Have Not Completly Information Website Than Google Is Going To Rank Your Website.



Backlinks Are Links Between Different Websites. It Is Used To Link One Website To Another Website.

So Due To Its Linking Feature Backlink Are Also Called “Inbound Links”. Backlink Is Very Important For A Better SEO.

How Important Is Backlink – Suppose There Are Two Websites One With No Backlink And Another Website With Many Backlink. 
Then The Website With More Backlink Will Has A Greater Value Than The Website With No Backlinks.

NOTE:- Quantity Of Backlink Don’t Matter, Only The Quality matters. 
So It Means That A Large Poor Value Backlink Can Not Give Your Website A Higher Value, But A Small Good Value Backlink Can Give Your Website A Higher Value. So Always Try To Create A Quality Backlink.

Ways To Create Backlinks
There Are So Many Ways To Create Backlink But We Are Just Mentioning a Few Of Them. Search On Internet For More.
  1. Backlink Via Online Website. There Are So Many Websites That Offers Backlink. These Are Very High-Value Backlinks. These Backlinks Will Improve Your Website Value. Some Websites Are-, Smallseotools, And More.
  2. Use Comment Box Of Other Websites To Put Your Website URL This Will Also Make Backlink. Some Of Best Idea This To Use Comment Box. If You New Or Don’t Know About It Than See The Image Below. 
  3. Use Index King It Is a Free And Fast Way Of Publishing and Creating Backlinks. Not Required Any Thing Just Visit And Use Index-king
  4. Offer Some Money Plans To Bigger Website To Create Backlink For You.
  5. Use Online Freelancing Website Like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork, And More For Creation Of Backlink 
  6. Find Out More On Internet 🙂

These Are Some Popular Ways If You Know Some More Than Share With Us In Comment Box.

What Is User Experience

In Everyday Life, Everyone (You Also) Wants A Better Or Great Experience. This Is the Same For All Websites, All User Wants A Better Graphical, Iconic, Or Eye Catching Interface, Mainly Pretty Looking Website. 

All The Components Of A Website That Gives A User a Better Experience Is Called User Experience.
Mainly User Experience Is A Way In Which, A User Get a Better Experience On Any Particular Website, App, etc. You May Hear Of “A Great User Experience Give’s Great Feeling To The User”.

Try To Remind You Best Experience On Any Website!. 

A Great User Experience Will Also Increase Your Total Web Traffic. And It Is Also A Great Factor Of Higher Income. You Can Compare A Website With A Great User Experience And A Website With No User Experience, You Will Found Website With A Great User Experience Best. Try Yourself!.

Ways To Achieve Better User Experience (Graphical Interface)
You Can Find Many Ways To Achieve Better User Experience For Your Website On the Internet But In This Blog, We Are Only Going To Cover Few Ways To Achieve Better User Experience For Your Website. 
  1. If You Know Website Designing Or Some Languages Like – HTML, XML, And More, Then Create Beautiful Attractive Website Design, That Can Attract Your Users  Or Visiters. This Is Very Useful For Customizing A Website According To The Need. HTML And XML Are Very Easy To Learn, So You Should Try To Learn It If You Don’t. Some Popular Website For Tutorials On XML And HTML –, etc.
  2. Don’t Know And Don’t Want To Learn HTML, XML, Or Other Suff??. Then You Should Purchase Templates For the Website. Templates Are Pre Designed Themes, Templates Are Very Useful For Those Who Don’t Understand Coding Languages Or Wants To Save Some Time. You Just Need To Select A Template That Fits You Requirements. Several Websites Offers Paid Templates, Some Popular Are –,, Search On Internet For More Websites.
  3. And Last One – Hire A Freelancer Who Can Create A Beautiful Template For You, From FiverrFreelancerUpWork, Or Select Anyone You Know From You Surrounding. This Will Cost You Some Money But Definitely It Is Profitable.

If You Just Started A Website Or You Don’t Have Enough Money To Purchase Template Than I Recommend You To Use Themelock Is An Online Website That Offers Lots of  Paid Premium Templates Free For Everyone, 

Go And Take Advantage Of – 
These Are Some Ways To Achieve Better User Experience. If You Know Some More Then Tall Us In The Comment Box.

What Is MetaData

MetaData Is Information Of Data. In Websites, MetaData Is Used To Define The Website Or Tell About The Website Contents To The Search Engine Or Crawlers. Is Very Very Important For SEO Perspective.
99% Of All The Websites Uses Metadata To Tell About Their Content, Blog/Article, And More.

Small To Big, All SEO Expert Uses Meta Data Because They Know That It Is Very Important For SEO Perspective.
MetaData Can Be Created With The Help Of Meta Tags. Meta Tags Are Used To Define A HTML Document Or Website. You May Familiar With Meta Tags, Or If Not Then Don’t Worry, It Is Very Easy.

Meta Tags Example – 
  <meta name=”description” content=”Blogs On Hot Topic”/>
  <meta name=”keywords” content=”Indexing, SEO, Crawling”/>
  <meta name=”author” content=”BlogBuzzs”/>

Note!- Meta tags Are Always Put In the Head Section Of You Page/Website. Although We Can Put Meta Tags In The Body Section But For Getting Fast Respon From Crawlers We Put It In The Body Section.

<meta name=”description” content=”Blogs On Hot Topic”/>
This Meta Tag Is Used To Describe Your Content/Product.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Indexing, SEO, Crawling”/>
This Meta Tag Is Used For Content/Product’s Main Keywords.

<meta name=”author” content=”BlogBuzzs”/>
This Meta Tag Is Used Tell The Name Of The Author

Many Online Websites Offers Tutorials On Meta Tags, You Can Also Learn From There. 
W3school Is One Of The Best Website That Teaches About Meta Tags. – W3school Meta Tags
Search On Google For More On Meta Tags!.

What Is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP Is a Short Name For Accelerated Mobile Pages. This Is a Very Fast Page, Specially Designed For Mobile Users. This Helps Users To Read Article Or Blog More Fastly Than A Normal Page. Google Helps AMP Pages To Rank Higher. 
So That’s Why AMP Is Also A Great Factor In the High Ranking Of Web Pages. Nowadays A Lot Of Web Pages Uses AMP Because They Know That AMP Is One Of The Main Factors Of Higher Ranking.

Example – Suppose There Two Web pages, One With AMP, And One Without AMP. If The User Knows That AMP Is Faster Than Normal Web Pages, Then The User Definitely Going To Visit AMP Website First.

This Example Also Fits With Google, Google Ranks AMP Pages Higher Than A Regular Or Normal Web Page. Because Google Also Know What Is Best For Its Users.

You May Also Have Seen AMP Pages Ranking Higher Than A Normal Page, If Not See The Image Below – 
You Can See AMP In The Image Clearly. WordPress Users Can Easily Use AMP Feature To Their Website. But AMP Is Very Difficult For Blogger Users. 

If You Can Implement AMP To Your Website Then It Is Good Or Due To Some Reason You Are Unable To Implement AMP Then It Also Good Because Are Also Some Other Things That Matters Than AMP Like – Great Content, Nice Interface, And More.  

Just Try Your Best AMP Or Great Content.
Want To Know More On AMP – Search On Internet.

What Is Schema Markup Language (Schema Markup)

Schema Markup Language Is Used To Describe Or Tell The Structure Of Your Website/Blog/Article. It Is A Structure language. 

Schema Markup Is Created By All Major Search Engines Like – Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, And More. All Major Search Engines Supports Schema Markup Language.

Schema Markup Helps Your Website To Look Attractive On Search Engine Result Page. So If You Use Schema Then You May Look Attractive Than Your Competitor Who Is Not Using Schema And The Chances Of Getting Higher Traffic Than Your Competitor Increases.

Some Examples Of Schema Markup Language – 

Schema For Rating

Schema For Recipe

Q And A Schema

So Totally Schema Is Used For The Structure Of A Web Page. Some More Stuff Is Coming On Schema Markup So Please Stay Tuned.

In This Blog, You Learned What Is SEO, What Is Indexing, What Is Crawling, What Is Ranking, What Is AMP, What Is MetaData And Schema Markup Language
Hope You Learned Something New 🙂
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