Three SEO Tips To Boost Your Ranking | SEO Tips 2021

Three SEO Tips To Boost Your Ranking | SEO Tips 2021

You recently purchased a domain name and got a blog hosted on it. With a hot cup of coffee in your hand and the beautiful weather outside your window, you are shown a blank white screen to compose the first-ever post on your blog.

Do not get me wrong, but this is the most vital time for you to face. The question you could be asking yourself is, “What do I write?”

I have been confronted with this challenge. 

To answer this question, you have to be quite sure of a particular niche you will be blogging regularly. I am a regular blogger and picked Social Media Marketing as my market to write regularly.

Whenever you start your first blog post, it is a pain in the neck to get loyal readers and followers. Nobody has the time to read your blog.

However, as weeks pass by in blogging, you’re slowly getting used to this habit. As such, by this time, you should have developed a loyal list of readers prepared to read and engage with your blog posts.

Now that you’ve become a successful blogger, it is even more challenging to churn out unique content frequently. In this guide, 

I shall share my blogging tips with you, which are in demand now. Today, it isn’t about getting the right keywords but getting them in the right place naturally.

Three Tips Are:-

1. Research other blogs – When you’re writing for the audience, you’re writing for search engines. When you write quality content based upon research from different sites, search engines will most likely place your blog on top of SERPs. 

No need to buy expensive keyword tools since they are not relevant for a blogger. Google AdWords Keyword Tool is more than enough to be aware of the tendencies of searching. Do not think about maintaining keyword density. 

2. Integrate Google Analytics with your website – The best tool I have ever used in analyzing the impact of unique content is Google Analytics. You are provided a big picture of your website to study your visitors and traffic trends. 

You can see your site’s bounce rate, as well as the proportion of new visitors coming to your site daily. 

3. Sharing is caring – I think the phrase”Sharing is caring” actually works quite nicely on social media websites. Today, nothing is as important as sharing your blog posts on social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. 

SEO and social media Today go hand-in-hand. Do a study of your favorite consumer brand, music artist, or even a retailer shop. You’d find their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn webpages also. 

Search engines are giving importance to sites sharing content on social media platforms. Why don’t you create a Facebook page and share your articles as you post on your site? 

I’ve done the same and got a lot of followers.

If you follow these three tips, you can set yourself as a successful blogger.

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