The Three Best Virtual Private Networks for Opening Crates in PUBG Mobile

The Three Best Virtual Private Networks for Opening Crates in PUBG Mobile

Welcome to blog, PUBG mobile, the most popular battle royale game currently available, has been made illegal in a number of countries, including China and India, as well as Bangladesh, Jordans, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Jordan, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Jordan. Other countries that have followed suit include Jordans, Jordans, and Jordans.

The PUBG mobile global edition was deleted in various regions, including Korea and Japan, and instead, localised performances were made available for download. Players from countries other than Japan and Korea are unable to download the locally developed games.

In the PUBG Mobile Game, there is a workaround for the geo-restrictions and bans that are in place. You can change your location and gain access to other games that are prohibited by using a virtual private network (VPN). By using a VPN, you can circumvent the speed throttling implemented by your ISP and get lower ping. You can also acquire unique skins for your characters and weapons.

Find out which virtual private networks (VPNs) are ideal for playing PUBG Mobile, how to select the appropriate VPN, and what steps to take if the VPN is not functioning properly.


Here is a streamlined and user-friendly guide that will show you how to unblock and play PUBG using a VPN from any location:

Get a VPN. We believe that NordVPN is the most suitable for PUBG.

Establish a connection to the VPN server of your choice.

You can get PUBG by downloading it to your device.

Launch PUBG and get started playing right away.


Take a look at this exhaustive list to get to know the top PUBG VPNs. You’ll get information on their features, servers, locations, and other characteristics. Pick your favourite:


Place of origin: Panama

Servers/countries: 5,400 servers spread over 60 different nations

Unblocks Netflix: Yes

Current deal:

Get NordVPN at a discount of 68%!

We recommend NordVPN as the finest virtual private network (VPN) service for playing PUBG. It is quick, possesses all of the functions, and possesses 60 servers in 5400 different locations. Thirteen of these are located in various nations that are located in Asia or the Middle East. PUBG Mobile is available in both the Korean and Japanese languages for your gaming pleasure.

Additionally, extra security features are available with NordVPN. One example of this is known as split tunnelling. This will enable PUBG traffic to be routed over the VPN tunnel that is provided by NordVPN. The encrypted connection will not interfere with other applications, even if those applications require their default settings for speed or location.

CyberSec is a feature that prevents trackers and adverts and obfuscates servers to provide more encryption and anonymity online. Unblocking streaming platforms is made possible with NordVPN’s SmartDNS service, which is available to customers.

It is not possible to change the DNS settings with NordVPN, and the service does not offer port forwarding. However, the fact that it has a proven track record of being able to unblock content, in addition to being fast, secure, and reliable, makes it the best VPN for gaming.

In addition to computers and mobile phones, other electronic gadgets, such as smart TVs, game consoles, and routers, are compatible with NordVPN’s service.


originating from: the Netherlands

Servers/countries: 3,200 servers spread across 95 different nations

Unblocks Netflix: Yes

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Surfshark, another superb VPN for PUBG, is well-known for its speed and inexpensive rates. There are also numerous servers around the globe. Surfshark offers 3200 servers in 95 locations, 12 of which are in Asia or the Middle East.

You may also use the VPN’s GPS spoofing tool to alter your IP address to your selected location and tweak your GPS settings. This is fantastic for playing games like PUBG and others like Pokemon Go.

Surfshark also has a split tunnelling function that works well for Android, Windows, and Mac. You also have the option of using the camouflage mode or a function called NoBorders, both of which enable you to use it in nations that have stringent VPN prohibitions.

Streaming is another option available when using Surfshark. The ability to unblock practically any streaming website, including Netflix, DAZN, or Hulu, is only one of its many features. Another one of its strengths is Smart DNS.

In addition to its many interesting features that make it a fantastic choice for gaming, Surfshark also has exceptional security. Your online anonymity will be preserved using encryption of a military-grade AES256 standard, two-factor authentication, and a kill switch that operates properly.


The United States of America

Servers/countries: 2,000 servers spread across 50 different nations

Unblocks Netflix: Yes

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This virtual private network (VPN) service headquartered in the United States is one of the greatest solutions for playing PUBG. IPVanish maintains approximately 2000 servers across the globe, with 8 of those servers located in Asia and the Middle East.

The VPN service provider is also capable of unblocking a wide variety of content, including geo-restricted gaming like PUBG Mobile in Korea or Japan as well as streaming services like Netflix.

IPVanish also provides quick connections, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing any lag. You shouldn’t encounter any slowness even though your ping could be somewhat higher owing to the encryption provided by the VPN.

IPVanish uses military-grade encryption and traffic obfuscation to offer security. There is also an auto-connect feature dubbed “On Demand.” Your traffic will be encrypted all the time.

IPVanish has a downside. It only supports split tunnelling on Android. The “kill button” function is missing from both the iOS and Android mobile applications. It is also tough to configure DNS. Players of PUBG do not require these features, and you will be able to function just fine without them.

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