Exploring Bhutan: A Magical Tour Package from Kolkata

Exploring Bhutan: A Magical Tour Package from Kolkata
 Exploring Bhutan: A Magical Tour Package from Kolkata

Are you searching for a destination that combines ancient traditions and breathtaking natural beauty? Bhutan may be just what the doctor ordered! Tucked into the Eastern Himalayas, this charming kingdom provides visitors with an exceptional travel experience that leaves them speechless. What better way to begin such an extraordinary journey than with an expertly tailored Bhutan tour package from Kolkata? So let’s take a closer look at why Bhutan makes for an exceptional travel destination and what awaits us with such packages departing from Kolkata.

bhutan tour package from Kolkata

Bhutan: Endless Charms of Nature.

Bhutan is famed for its breathtaking landscapes, tranquil monasteries, vibrant festivals and rich Buddhist culture that pervades every aspect of daily life. Being one of only a handful of remaining Buddhist kingdoms globally, Bhutan has maintained its heritage and traditions while adapting to modernity – adding even further charm and attraction when visiting this magical land.

Why Select a Bhutan Tour Package From Kolkata?

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, serves as an ideal starting point for traveling to Bhutan due to its close proximity and excellent transportation infrastructure. Offering various tour operators with comprehensive packages covering transportation, accommodation, sightseeing tours and experienced guides ensuring no hidden treasures are missed along the journey, Kolkata makes an excellent gateway for visiting this neighboring nation.

Highlights of a Bhutan Tour Package:

Thimphu: Bhutan’s Capital City: Start off your Bhutan tour right by discovering Thimphu, Bhutan’s vibrant capital that skillfully blends modernity with traditional architecture. Be sure to stop at Tashichho Dzong fortress – home of King’s office and religious centers as well as National Memorial Chorten which stands as a symbolic monument dedicated to world peace – but also be sure to stop at National Memorial Chorten, an elegant stupa dedicated to world peace!

Paro: Gateway to Happiness: Paro’s stunning valley welcomes visitors with breathtaking sights like Taktsang Monastery – better known by its nickname Tiger’s Nest – perched atop a cliffside and offering jaw-dropping vistas that will leave you speechless.

Punakha – The Ancient Capital: Discover Punakha’s former capital city by touring the Punakha Dzong, an architectural masterpiece situated at the confluence of two rivers. If your tour coincides with this event, don’t miss seeing its vibrant mask dances during Punakha Dromche Festival – truly worth seeing!

Gangtey and Phobjikha Valley: Take time to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of Gangtey and Phobjikha Valley, an icy glacial valley known for its breathtaking landscapes and rare black-necked cranes that migrate there each winter.

Bhutanese Cuisine and Cultural Delights: No trip to Bhutan would be complete without tasting its distinctive cuisine, including “Ema Datshi” (chili with cheese) as the national dish; or other delectable offerings like Drukpa (Bhutanese dumplings) and Momos (steamed dumplings).

Bhutanese Festivals: Depending on the timing of your tour, you may get a chance to witness vibrant Bhutanese festivals like Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu or Punakha Drubchen – these celebrations showcase traditional mask dances, vibrant costumes and celebrate Bhutan’s heritage and celebrate it by creating exciting street parties!

Essential Travel Tips: Bhutan requires that all foreign tourists obtain a visa before traveling there, which can usually be facilitated through tour operators as part of the package deal.

Respect local customs and traditions when visiting temples or dzongs; dress modestly and take off your shoes before entering temples or dzongs.

Bhutan is an all-year destination, but for optimal travel it’s best to visit during spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November), when weather is pleasant and skies clear.

Carry some cash as credit/debit cards may not be widely accepted in remote areas.


A Bhutan tour package from Kolkata promises an extraordinary adventure into a kingdom that champions happiness, nature and spiritual enlightenment. Experience an oasis of culture rich with history and breathtaking landscapes combined with its kind people on an experience unlike any other in Bhutan! So if you want an exhilarating escape, pack your bags and begin exploring this remarkable land from vibrant Kolkata city center; an adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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